Guide Allowed Mods List

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Allowed Mods List

These are all the mods that are allowed on the server, any mods that are not listed here will be been seen as hacks and you will get banned for using them.

Please remember that use of mods not on this list may result in a punishment.

If, somehow, any of these mods can be used maliciously (which is typically not the case, and may result from something such as an update to the mod which has not been reviewed by RC) their use for these purposes is not considered approved.

5zig version 3.3.6+
Labymod version 2.6+ & Labymod Toggle Sprint (While it is considered approved, we’ve heard complaints of it sending out information to the Labymod server, so use at your own risk)
Too Many Items
Shaders Mods
Capes Mods
Better Animations/Player Animations Mod
Blocks3D Mod
Not Enough Items
Gamma/Brightness mods (in which the only feature is gamma/brightness)

Guide Server Rules

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Server Rules

So, you were wondering where the rules are, well here we've made some rules which could be edited at any time. The rules are sorted out in categories of the different servers we have.

There are 3 levels of severities; minor, normal, major. As the name says, minor will be used for minor offenses, normal for normal offenses, and major for major offenses. The severity of infractions is determined by the staff member who witnessed the infraction, at the instruction of the Lead Staff of MortalPvP Network.

In the case you violate two rules at the same time, staff members are instructed to punish for the punishment that is more severe. For example, if a player is bypassing the filter, while also being racist, the player will be punished for being racist, rather than being punished for bypassing the filter.